Arm Exerciser Bathtub Support
Seats Transfer Tub Bench, Bath Stool, Bath Chair, Bath Bench Shampoo Tray
Bed Blocks Shoe Horn
Bedpan Slide Board
Electric Hospital – (Rx Required) Slip-on Aid
Bed Rails IV Pole, Bed Rail, Bed Cane Foot Stool (Regular & Heavy Duty)
Bedroom Monitor Seat Assist
Alternating Pressure Pump and Pad Toilet Arms – 4 Leg
Blanket Support Toilet Lift Seats Elevated Toilet Seat w/Arms, Elevated Toilet Seat – No Arms
Call Bell Tong (Reacher/Grabber)
Cane w/Seat Transfer Tub Bench – Solid or Slider
Card Holder Trapeze
Bed Table Bedside Table Trapeze Stand
Platform Crutches Fracture Pan
Dressing Stick


 Canes & Crutches (2) Crutches, Pedal Exerciser, Canadian Crutch, Straight Cane, White Cane, 4 Prong Cane

Bed Trays

Rubber Ring (Donut)

Foam Wedge – 7″, 10″, 12″

Lift Chair (Rx Required)

Walkers Folding Walker (No Wheels), Front Wheeled Walker, One Handed Walker (No Wheels), A-Frame (Hemi) Walker

Knee Walker

Fold-n-Go Front Wheel Walker

4 Wheel Walker w/Seat and Brakes

Walker Bags

Translator (Combination Companion Wheelchair and 4 Wheel Walker)

Walker Trays

Mattress Raiser

Platform Arms for Front Wheel Walkers

Posey Belt (Gait)

Ramp – Aluminum

Commodes Commodes, Toilet Arms – 2 Leg Bolt On

Ankle Weights:

1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#, 7 1/2#

Dumbbells – Variety of Weights

Companion Wheelchairs (Transport)



Wheelchair Cushion


Wheelchair Tray
Wheelchair Arm Tray
(Rx) means a prescription is necessary Hospital Chairs Geriatric Chairs


Diaper Pail

Hand Truck

Bumper Pads Pack'n Play Pack ‘n Play
Bedboards Folding Chairs
Rollaway Beds (All 6′ Long): 

C(30”) – Studio Size

D(39”) – Twin Size

E(48”) – 3/4 Full

High Chair & Potty Chair Jumper Rocker, High Chair & Potty Chair

Regular Cribs (40″L X 25 1/2″W X 39 1/2″H) Strollers Strollers – Single & Double