At the head of Sunshine Service

is a man who’s dear to me.

His name’s a real tongue twister

so he’s known as “Mr. T”.


He came to this Sun City,

yes, came and saw a need.

He started Sunshine Service

to fill a void indeed.


Back in the early days, I hear,

his little bride named Fern

handled all the office chores,

not a penny did they earn.


Hospital bed needed?

Don’t go and get all nervous.

Just get on the telephone

and call Sunshine Service.


Crutches, canes, and walkers,

commodes and all that gear

is available to you now

and all throughout the year.


Got a call from the children?

The grandkids coming soon?

Rollaways, cribs and playpens

sure are a real boon.


Two hundred fifty thousand bucks *

is a lot of cash I fear.

That’s what rentals would have cost

Sun Citians last year!


But we are, oh so lucky

’cause we can use it free!

That’s why Sunshine Service

means so very much to me!


Catastrophic illness hits,

it’s surely nice to know

all that expensive equipment

won’t eat up all your dough!


Visit Sunshine Service,

see what’s available there.

When you talk to God tonight

include them in your prayer.

*the figure for 1977 was over $424,000.

by Edythe E. Bregnard  ~ from “Yesterday (Nostalgia) Today (everyday happenings) Forever (spiritual verse)  ~  First Edition 1978