People meeting the needs of people is what Sunshine Service is all about.

Sunshine Service lends medical, children’s, and convenience items to residents of Sun City.


We will need to establish you as a resident living within the geographic boundaries of the age restricted community called Sun City.

A postal address of Sun City does not automatically qualify.

Please bring a current document showing your Sun City address.

    • Arizona Drivers License

    • Power bill

    • Trash bill

    • Home purchase document

    • Rental Agreement

    • Or other document showing your address


We will also need the name, address, and phone number of an alternate contact not residing in your home.

Once you are established as a resident, and entered into our system, bringing these documents will no longer be necessary.

 Thank you for your understanding.


• Prescriptions are required for Hospital Beds and Lift Chairs

• There is a 30 day limit on Rollaway beds and Children’s Items

We are a non-profit Arizona corporation and are funded by voluntary contributions and memorial gifts.  A paid Executive Director and staff handle the daily operations of Sunshine Service.  The Executive Director is hired by and reports to the Board of Directors who are elected for five-year terms, with an option for an additional 5 year term, if the Director so chooses.  The Board nominates and elects officers, approves budgets, major expenditures and monitors overall operation of the corporation.  Sun City residents are eligible to be nominated to serve on the Board of Sunshine Service.


While the equipment is available for the use of all residents or visitors staying with residents, the equipment must not be taken out of Sun City on a permanent basis.  As a matter of control, equipment is loaned only to Sun City Residents. Residency is restricted to those living within the Recreation Center of Sun City, Inc. age restricted community. Having a mailing address of Sun City does not necessarily qualify you as a Sun City Resident.


It is our pleasure to serve the residents of Sun City.  We trust that, when necessary you will avail yourself, your family and visitors of the many items of equipment that Sunshine Service offers.



           Sunshine Service Board of Directors